Hoya Roundtables

Students gather for a presentation from University Provost Robert Groves regarding tuition rate setting

Hoya Roundtables are gatherings of Georgetown students and administrative leaders for discussions on areas of student interest. In addition to engaging on the specified topic of each forum, students may bring questions for administrators on any issue. These events provide a forum for idea-sharing and the opportunity for members of the Georgetown community to engage in transparent dialogue on topics related to the University’s strategic direction and performance.

In-person Hoya Roundtables happen throughout the year, but the conversation continues at roundtables.georgetown.edu or by emailing topics to coo@georgetown.edu.

Members of Georgetown's Student Government play an active role in shaping Hoya Roundtable agendas

Upcoming Hoya Roundtables

Fall 2019 – Tuition-Rate Setting

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019; 6:30pm – Healey Family Student Center – Great Room