Maximizing Resources Charge

Georgetown has a distinguished history rooted in our Jesuit values and an unmatched commitment to educating the whole person. In my current role, I am fortunate to see first-hand how our faculty and staff work tirelessly to maintain the same level of excellence that prepared me, along with so many other alumni, to thrive in my post-graduate career.

Ever mindful of supporting Georgetown’s valuable and enriching student experience while contending with the rising costs of both providing quality education and investing in necessary projects to sustain a strong and vibrant campus community, we are seeking new ways to strengthen our fiscal foundation.

As I shared at our early 2019 Maximizing Resources forums, the university has undergone a thorough review of our operations in order to adapt to this challenge. We have identified various initiatives to maximize Georgetown’s resources to ensure our future is as illustrious as its past.

Over the next five years, we will work to implement these initiatives. By looking at how the university procures goods and services, develops and manages its budget, utilizes its facilities, fosters research, as well as other organizational, fiscal, and procedural improvements, a more sustainable path forward can be established. Leading these efforts is our Business Design & Optimization Group. This team will provide support to departments working to improve their business processes and maximize their budgetary resources, while also looking strategically at ways the university as a whole can maximize its resources.

By working together we will strengthen our fiscal foundation further invest in our mission. I hope you will support our efforts and forward any additional ideas to our team at

Geoff Chatas (C’ 85)
SVP and Chief Operating Officer