Qiang Xu HeadshotDr. Xu serves as a University-wide resource, developing capacity for data analytics with the goal of applying more rigorous methods and models of policy and performance evaluation across a broad array of university operations; Dr. Xu is leading research that will contribute to the development of growth strategies in the context of the University's own long-term objectives and those of the broader academic community.

Before joining Georgetown University, Dr. Xu served as the chief of the Economics Revenue Unit for the New York State Division of the Budget.  In that capacity, Dr. Xu's primary responsibility was forecasting national and state economic conditions and the revenue outlook, recommending tax policies for promoting State economic development, negotiating the budget with the State legislature, and managing the budgets for the State's gaming and tax administration agencies.

Prior to that appointment, Dr. Xu served as Chief Econometrician and Director of Research for the New York State Division of the Budget, where he worked to develop forecasting and policy simulation models, including macroeconomic forecasting models for the US and New York State economics, micro-simulation models for personal income tax and business tax liability estimation, and models for evaluating call options on state-issued bonds.

Prior to his employment with the Division of the Budget, Dr. Xu worked as Deputy Chief Economist for the New York State Assembly Ways and Means Committee, where he developed forecasting and simulation models. His work for the Ways and Means Committee also entailed developing short-term and long-term forecasting models for the U.S. and New York State economies, as well as models for developing the State's long-term Financial Plan. In addition, Dr. Xu developed policy impact models, helped to improve the accuracy of tax revenue forecasting models, and developed expenditure forecasting models for government spending programs such as Medicaid and Public Assistance.

Dr. Xu has authored and coauthored several published papers and books in the areas of economic theory and forecasting. He has extensive experience in modeling the linkages between government finance and the financial market.

Dr. Xu serves as adjunct professor at Georgetown University and the University at Albany (SUNY), developing and teaching graduate level courses in the area of economic forecasting and policy analysis. Dr. Xu earned his B.A. and M.A. in Economics from Fudan University in Shanghai, China, and his Ph.D. in Economics from the State University of New York at Albany.